Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have a feeling like no one's watching me...

Well, after some messing around with chain adjusting, and general slowness and getting lost, I'm at a KOA near Montreal, catching up on some laundry.

I ran out of batteries on the Spot earlier, so there's a gap in the locator up there, but you obsessive types playing along at home can draw a bunch of squiggles on Quebec City, where I rode around for a while screaming "OU EST LE HIGHWAY TO MONTREE-AWL??!!!" until someone finally pointed at it, and then more squiggles around Montreal where I rode around looking for the KOA, which in French is pronounced "Koa" like koala bear.

I have decided that my tires, my wallet, and the patience of my lovely bride are all growing thin, so I'm going to pass by Toronto, which pains me, but there it is. Tomorrow I start heading south.

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