Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to America

Woke up late this morning outside Montreal, the result of wandering the city late at night, first on purpose, then just lost. Didn't take many pictures, though I did follow a couple of full-dress Buddhist monks for several blocks hoping they would pass a place called "Super Sexe" at just the right angle. They didn't.

Got on the road, and at the first rest stop saw a Hummer with a Harley sticker in the rear window. Welcome back.

Stopped several times, once to see my aunt and uncle in Albany, and again to eat a piece of pizza at a gas station near Binghamton. I would have eaten at the table inside, but it was occupied by a fat kid and a mountain of stuffed animals. His dad was mopping the floor, wearing a Harley bandana and a shirt that said "You Suck" in large white letters on the front. The kid was nice, he asked why I was eating in the parking lot. I told him it was nice there, and it was. A few minutes later, the dad pulled his Jeep Cherokee around to the front, revealing a huge vinyl "Sons of Anarchy" sticker on the rear window.

Around Wilkes-Barre, I decided to push through for home. I have a tradition of stopping at Rocket to Venus for my first beer back after a long trip, and I figured I could just make last call. I rode through the dark and fog of deer-infested Pennsylvania for home.

About 20 minutes before last call, I was rocketing down the JFX, my music set to shuffle, and the Misfits came on as I took the off-ramp to Cold Spring. I hit it fast and perfectly, right on schedule and ready for a Natty Boh.

And that was when the chain fell off.

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