Monday, August 1, 2011

Not this again...

Last post I mentioned how happy I was that the chain hadn't broken again. In about 32,000 miles on this bike, I've broken two chains. The first was coming down Pike's Peak in Colorado, the second was in Maine a couple of months ago. Both times I was lucky to find a shop that had them in stock.

So when I was about to leave Churchill Falls, it was with a bit of sadness, if not really shock, that I noticed the chain was broken. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. The connecting plate on one side had broken off. I suppose it could have been a rock, but I've been religious about cleaning and lubricating the thing. Anyway, a tow truck driver told me there was a motorcycle shop in Wabush, and I didn't have much choice but to head back out on the gravel, trying not to goose the throttle. The road wasn't bad, although there were a lot more trucks, which meant a lot more dust.

Made it to Lab City and camped last night in the campground outside of town. Labrador City is going through a real mining boom, and it's the biggest town I've been through in a while, at 18,000 and growing fast. In neighboring Wabush there's a motorcycle shop, and I've just installed a new chain in their parking lot. I got extra master links, and I'm keeping the old one as an emergency spare.

Okay, it's about 6 hours to Baie Comeau, and I want to stop at Manicougan Reservoir and Gagnon, so I'd better hit the road.

Ever forward.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Shame about your chain. Are you using a riveted link or master link? It seems very unusual for one to break. The first place I would start is with the tension. What might seem loose when the bike is on the stand will surely tighten up when you add your weight, all your luggage and then the suspension travel up and down.

    Make sure that chain is loose!

  2. Yeah, I adjust it loaded and all that. Usually the rollers pop off (heh, usually when I break a chain...) this time the actual inner connecting link broke at the roller. I'll take a picture. I think something's out of alignment in the rear wheel, but I'll deal with it later.

  3. It's pretty easy to put the rear wheel into a misalignment when you are adjusting the chain.