Saturday, July 23, 2011

Port-aux-Basques to Gros Morne

It started raining lightly as the ferry docked, and I headed up the coast, intending to make it somewhere near Corner Brook to camp. I made the same mistake I've made about a million times, though, of continuing on past where I should have stopped. So I was in Corner Brook, campsite-less, where the light rain turned into a torrential downpour. I tried to set up the tent on a closed-off road off the main highway, but it filled up like a bathtub. Finally, I gave up and rode around in the rain, mostly blind, looking for a hotel and watching for moose. By the time I found the hotel, they told me the entire city of Corner Brook was booked solid, but a guy at a bed and breakfast had just had a cancellation. I was soaked to the bone and miserable, so I took it. And that is how your humble narrator showed up at the romantic Bell's Inn after midnight, probably waking up everyone in the place, to spread wet motorcycle gear over the antique furniture to dry. It cost $110 I really didn't want to spend, but at that point staying on the road seemed suicidal, and the owner Gord was a nice guy. I got some funny looks from the vacationing couples in the morning, and headed out after breakfast.

The next day was wonderful, sunny and a bit cold. I made it to Gros Morne park at around noon to make sure I had a campsite, intending to check out the park. It had warmed up by the time, so I hung the gear up to finish drying and explored Green Point. The beach here is made up of boulder-sized rocks, and down the beach there is a summer fishing village consisting of a few huts and a couple of what I would call marine railways, but they're made of logs lashed together. Just beyond that, on Green Point itself, as an area of shale rocks that were used to define the boundary between the Cambrian and Ordovician periods of geologic time (or that's what the bronze plaque told me, anyway). What all this boils down to is that I have a lot of pictures of rocks.

This morning there were whales in the bay, or so my neighbor Trish (from Arlington, Va) told me. When I got up they had moved further out, and I would have thought they were more rocks. I turned on the computer to back up my pictures, and found that the camp's wifi connection actually worked, so here we are.

Today I continue up the viking trail, headed for L'anse-aux-meadows and the next ferry.

All for now.

PS-- I keep forgetting to say hello to Ellie, Christian and Matthew. Hi guys! I hear you made it back to London. Hope you're following me on the map! -Uncle Chris

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