Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Bay to Battle Harbor

Just a quick note on the road before I set off again.
Supposedly, I've now done the worst part (not the longest stretch, but the worst road surface), and it wasn't that bad. Washboard, potholes, loose gravel over a hard base. Apparently the thing to watch for is the graders, who push the gravel into the center in a deep pile, so that it's then shoved outward again by the passing trucks.

The black flies are pretty bad. Saw a woman yesterday walking two dogs near L'Anse au Clair, and all three were wearing bug jackets.

Saw the oldest documented burial ground in North America, stayed the night in Battle Harbor. It was about the same as a hotel, but for that you got a ferry ride and two meals. I stayed in the dormitory-style "bunkhouse" building out there, but it was all mine, so I charged my cameras and phones, watched a movie on the netbook, and took a lot of pictures.

Okay, off to Port Hope Simpson, then Cartwright.

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  1. thanks for the updates Chris. I like that you are taking the long way around through Cartwright. Following your Spot now. Looks like you are making good time on your way to GB/HV.

    I'm off for my our trip in less than a month so this is making me salivate.