Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whiskey for breakfast

Yesterday started right, with a tour of Glenora, Canada's only single malt whiskey distillery. Unfortunately, the whiskey costs about a million bucks a shot, so the sip I got on the tour had to suffice.
From there it was on to the Cabot Trail, which has replaced Highway 1 north of San Francisco as the best mtorcycle road I've ever been on (sorry, Goose). Miles and miles along the coast of Cape Breton, and if this free internet kiosk would let me, I'd post a picture or two. Don't worry, I'll add them later (note: added later).

Made it to North Sydney last night around 8, camped in a campground a couple of miles from the ferry. Three very nice Russian ladies (actually, one of them was a very nice Polish lady, but they were all from Toronto anyway) had the camp site next to mine, and we stayed up talking until midnight, me telling them about my trip, them telling me about life in the Soviet Union. They're headed to Newfoundland in their minivan, with a possible side trip to Labrador. Actually, they're on this ferry somewhere.
At the grocery store this morning I met a fellow from Quebec who had just finished the Tran-Labrador Highway. On his bicycle. Said it took about a month, I believe. There's always someone who is doing something more ridiculous thn whatever enterprise you're engaged in.
Oh yeah, the ferry. I made it to the first of two scheduled events for this trip-- the ferry from North Sydney to Port-aux-basques. We haven't left the dock yet, but this thing is like a cruise ship. The motorcycle is belowdeck, strapped to the sole. You ride it on and they point you to a bucket of straps. We'll see how much I've retained from my sailing experience if the bike's still standing at the end of the trip.
Anyways, I'll be on this boat for the next six hours or so, then I'll be in Newfoundland. The next thing on the schedule is the ferry to Labrador on the 24th, then pretty much nothing.

*Edited to add:
If that seemed to end a little abruptly, it was because I was interrupted by a little girl saying "Where's all this water coming from?" It was coming from my camelback on the floor, which had chosen that moment to leak all over the place. I hit send and went to find someone to tell. They were very nice about the whole thing, but I stayed out of the computer room after that.

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